Revolutionary MSP Account Management Platform: CloudRadial Integrates with Wise-Sync

Product   Written by Eve Zaidan on May 10, 2019    

At the forefront of innovation, comes a revolutionary solution to account management for Managed Service Providers (MSPs): CloudRadial.

When Jeff Farris, CloudRadial’s Visionary-CEO, identified the dire need for MSPs and their clients to collaborate within a centralised, no-friction portal - that’s exactly what he created.

With CloudRadial, MSPs are empowered with a single platform that brings all of the tools they need together in one place. Whether you’re looking to utilise CloudRadial as a support portal or as a client intranet experience, CloudRadial offers an entirely fresh and seamless way to present to clients.

Further to this, it also redefines the process in which end-users retrieve the applications, services, support and information they need to fulfil their role, while providing a streamlined formula for how MSPs can profitably interact with their clients.

Wise-Pay Integrates with CloudRadial

Wise-Pay Integrates with CloudRadial

Now, you can provide your customers with the complete experience. When you integrate from CloudRadial to Wise-Pay, you can allow your customers to pay you quicker and easier than ever before.

"If MSPs can remove the friction in how they communicate with customers, the way they plan their futures and the way they take their money, then there is less friction and more efficiency. MSPs can then use that efficiency to grow and scale their business. That’s why our Wise-Sync integration is so important. Money-related matters often contribute to this friction. Wise-Sync and CloudRadial have worked together to make this as effortless as possible for everyone."

- Jeff Farris, President & CEO, CloudRadial

With this integration, your customers can simply click a button within the CloudRadial application, which will then automatically authenticate them into Wise-Pay where they’ll be able to view and make payments.

Work Less, Build More

Work Less Build More

CloudRadial helps MSPs to sell more projects, consultations and training, and to be able to scale these efforts in achieving less work and more satisfied clients. The platform offers a clean, value-add for any MSP, whereby users are provided with the invaluable opportunity to present a catalogue to their clients in the way they would like to experience it.

“From a client perspective, it’s seamless. They’re not having to jump between 20 different links - it’s all right there.”

With CloudRadial, users can achieve the following:

  1. Grow Revenue
    Use cloud services and Office 365 to generate new project and monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

  2. Work Together
    Collaborate with clients on shared content and transparent systems. 

  3. Reduce Support Costs
    Be the expert and offer more accessible and higher quality support with less effort.

  4. Retain Clients
    Retain your clients even as you move their services to Microsoft. 

  5. Engage Clients
    Use systems and data to become the trusted cloud adviser. 

A Platform that Grows with You

A Platform That Grows with You

CloudRadial proves an unrivalled product on the market, which not only enables maximum efficiency for MSPs, but it also grows as you do. 

Farris affirms, “we are the only company that provides a single link for an MSP to address all of their client interactions within a single platform.”

Find out more about how CloudRadial can assist you today.