Humans of Wise-Sync: Meet Sherry

Our 'Humans of Wise-Sync' are the super-skilled and passionate ninjas behind the scenes, the warriors that champion to put our customers above and beyond, to enable one seamless sync after the next - the A1 team that makes the dream work. Next up, meet our Wise-Pay Delivery Manager, Sherry!

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Wise-Sync? When you started, and a bit about your journey?

Sherry: I started at Wise-Sync a little over two years ago, in an onboarding role within the Customer Success space. So, still in the same team, same sort of role but just with a bit of transition moving around; more learning, along with other things that I wanted to. 


Q: Awesome. What do you enjoy most about working at Wise-Sync? 

Sherry: The people, it's definitely the people at Wise-Sync. I think we've got really talented people across the team - and just adding to that, it's our customers as well, who add to Wise-Sync being a very good place to work.

There are days where we have long consulting calls, and we get so much accomplished just within one hour and 30 minutes, or a two-hour call for example, and at the end of the call - it just feels like you were having a random chat with another person who you got along well with, talked about the weather or something, while there was so much accomplished on those calls. So, it's definitely both the people within Wise-Sync, and the customers that we have. 

Q: What do you love most about your role at Wise-Sync?

Sherry: I definitely like the diversity in the role, and Wise-Sync is a great place for people who like diversity in their role because there's really no cap on what you want to do, or what you're supposed to do - if you like something, you just get hands-on with it and start doing it. 

Q: What does being a ninja at Wise-Sync mean to you? 

Sherry: It's definitely EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), the operating system that we use - and living up to those core values. It's also just following along with everything that EOS has, so once we're fully utilising the most out of that operating system; we're accomplishing all of our values, getting things done, and that just has its good side and positive outcomes as well. 

Q: Amazing, and if there were a few words of wisdom to motivate you each day, what would these be?

Sherry: I do have quite a few, but there's one in particular, it's a quote from Winston Churchill, and it goes - 


Q: That's beautiful. In the two-and-a-half years that you've been at Wise-Sync, how would you describe Wise-Sync's growth as a whole?

Sherry: It's been phenomenal. So when I started, at the time, I was the only Customer Success person in the Melbourne office. Since then, we've had growth in all areas; we have a product team that's our biggest team at Wise-Sync, we're building out more products, shipping, and releasing product features more often, and the new features that we've released (specifically our Real-Time Sync and New Payment Experience) - that's definitely the phenomenal growth that I've experienced.

There's obviously that organic growth as well, where we get sales sign-ups done each day, we get new clients onboarded; so that is an organic growth, while things in the product space have been amazing - right now, we're able to individually focus on the user interface, core engineering, front end, and infrastructure.

When I started, it was pretty much a handful of developers doing everything, which is reflective of the former user interface built by engineers with a dominant focus on the core functionality of the product. Whereas now, we're in a position where we can make the interface look pretty, do different sorts of things within it; this would definitely be the highlight of the growth that I've seen at Wise-Sync.

Q: Amazing. And just on the user interface, latest real-time sync, and our new payment experience - how would you describe our customers' experience regarding our progression? 

Sherry: It's been absolutely mind-blowing because I've seen our customers' reactions firsthand, starting from the our New Payment Experience (NPE) to Real-Time Sync (RTS). The first time they saw it, they were absolutely amazed - and seeing that reaction, it was very exciting.

New customers don't see the old payment experience, but with RTS, they've got the normal sync in place; so there's a comparison when you show customers the new feature - and they absolutely love that as well.


And we have our own page in ConnectWise within Wise-Sync, as software -that's huge; having an interface of a third-party integration embedded into the software, which is that big and so widely used - I think that's great, and our customers absolutely love it.

They're really amazed, and they have they're curious to knowhow we've done it, but they don't really get into it - they're just so amazed by it, often saying "this is one of the most brilliant things we've seen today." So, it's that kind of reaction that I continue to come across which really shows how phenomenal our latest features have been for our customers.

Q: How do you see the future of Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay developing?

Sherry: I see a very bright future. At the moment, we're in a niche market where we're serving IT companies, but I've seen businesses firsthand that may have large revenue in their books but they never get the tangible, hardcore cash coming into their business, so that's the problem we solve with Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay - 


Q: If you had to pick one thing that sets Wise-Sync apart, what would that be? 

Sherry: The number one thing is that Wise-Sync was built by an MSP for MSPs - and that is, the very, very unique thing about our product. Not many accountants would be accountants in a past life and then make accounting software, and that's very much the same with any other profession.

Wise-Sync has been built and founded by our CEO, Paul, who was an MSP himself; he built Wise-Sync as a solution for MSPs as an MSP, and now we're providing it to MSPs as the ultimate solution that they're able to implement throughout their day-to-day operations in achieving greater financial efficiency - so that, I think is the biggest identifier for Wise-Sync in its distinction among products.

Q: On that note, how would you explain our support team?

Sherry: We do quarterly and monthly reporting on our support metrics, and we've got really good reporting. You'd be amazed to know, our customer satisfaction rate is 100%. And it is 100% for every support request that we receive.


So, our support is definitely top-notch, and we've got processes in place for a support function, and it really is scalable - regardless of how many customers we have. It's pretty busy at this time of year with our support desk, but the whole process is scalable and we continue to maintain solid customer satisfaction rates.

Q: If you could have dinner with one person in the world, who would it be? 

Sherry: Dennis Ritchie, the founder of C programming language; the first programming language that I learned, along with pretty much anyone learning or working within software development.

And it makes me really sad that someone like Dennis Ritchie, who basically formed the foundation for every tech that we use today, from Mac to Windows, from iOS to Android; everything's written using his language and no one even knows his name. I'm pretty sure when people read Dennis Ritchie somewhere, they won't know who he is - and sadly, he passed away around the same time as Steve Jobs; social media was filled with grief for Steve Jobs, but I couldn't come across a single word about Dennis Ritchie's death anywhere, so that made me disappointed -

So, I would really love to have dinner with Dennis Ritchie (if he were alive), and to be able to tell him that he's given us the most important language; and everything we use today is built on his foundations. 

Q: We all know how much you love Batman! If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, which Batman movie would you pick - and why?

Sherry: It would be the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan, I absolutely love all three movies and I could watch them on any day of my life. And no matter how many times I watch them, I absolutely love them.


To provide more background, I really like the character of Batman (Bruce Wayne) because I think that's an incredible story about someone who's normal - there are no superpowers involved. And throughout the challenges Bruce Wayne faces from as early as his childhood to becoming an adult, he still manages to achieve good out of such pain - and then bringing that good to the world, is such a great concept.

Q: If someone told you to pick one of the three Batman movies, which one would it be?

Sherry: Batman Begins