Humans of Wise-Sync: Meet Abs

Our 'Humans of Wise-Sync' are the super-skilled and passionate ninjas behind the scenes, the warriors that champion to put our customers above and beyond, to enable one seamless sync after the next - the A1 team that makes the dream work. Next up, meet our Australia-based Senior Engineer, Abs! 

Meet Abhishek (Abs)

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your role here at Wise-Sync, and what attracted you to the company? 

Abs: I've been in this industry for over twelve years, and I started my career as Co-Founder of my own company, which I built together with a childhood friend, working with various other companies. I was fortunate enough to have had this opportunity, where I was leading a team before realizing the very qualities that would later down the track, prepare me for this role at Wise-Sync. 

What attracted me to the company, was that before I was even offered the role, I was asked to read a book on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) during the second stage of my interview process. 


After discussions with the leadership team, it became clear that within my role of Senior Engineer, I'd be provided the awesome opportunity to really utilize my broad skillset and to work across the whole product. And of course, this would happen with time, in order to ensure I fit the Right Person, Right Seat (RPRS) methodology before filling this important role. 

Q: Wow, incredible, Abs! How early on in your career did you start as an entrepreneur? 

Abs: That was the first thing! As they say, "Necessity is the mother of all invention," it was in 2008 when recession was very high and I was trying to find a job within my field. At that time, I started out in an inbound call centre as an IT tech support specialist, where I would do anything within my capacity to solve any problem that I was presented with - that's where I established my solution-first mindset.

However, after a certain period of time, it had become quite monotonous and the shifts were very erratic; across all hours of the day, sometimes overnight, and it was just becoming a lot for me - 

So, instead, I spoke with a close friend, who was also passionate about wanting to start the same business, and together, we launched our own web development company. In the many years following this, I started working for a few startups and smaller businesses, where I realised, I much preferred working for an independent business rather than a larger business, especially somewhere I could instill a growth mindset. 

Q: Incredible, and what drew you to web development? 

Abs: I've always loved computers, even when I was a child, I remember a friend having one - and I just wanted to explore it and learn more about it, it was just something that became a passion. And I remember in school when we started studying programming language, and I couldn't be more eager! In all of my subjects, it was always computers that was my strong suit... that was the thing that I always wanted to do. 


Q: Fantastic, and what do you enjoy most about working at Wise-Sync? And being part of the ninja family? 

Abs: The first thing that I really enjoyed... the team was really welcoming, and so, it didn't take me a long time to mingle with everyone on the team and have a chat. Even now, I can call anyone and I don't have any hesitation in-mind, I just feel welcome and supported in my role - 

Martin and JT, in particular, as these are the two teammates I speak with the most in my role, they're always supportive, and are regularly keeping in touch with me. And then we have our Friday fun, where it's awesome to just end the week with an online game and chat altogether; it really helped me to know everyone outside of my current team, and to feel welcomed by the team.

Q: Amazing, that's always what we love to hear! And speaking bigger picture, what're you looking forward to most? 

Abs: Even though I only joined Wise-Sync this year, I'm already a solid part of a team who's working hard to make the product more scalable and more resilient than ever before.


Q: If somebody said to you, "All airlines are closing the day after tomorrow, you have one day to book a one-way ticket to anywhere in the world but will not be able to return," what will be the destination you choose to spend the rest of your life - and why? 

Abs: I would stay here (laughs). Okay, but if I absolutely had to pick a place, I would go to Greece. Just seeing pictures of all the white buildings, and so close to the beach... I love that. And my wife as well, so there'll be no conflict as to where we'll go! We were planning to go to Greece before the pandemic started, so maybe in the near future after our baby is born (smiles).