Even QuickBooks fanboys can't believe the efficiencies in moving to Cloud Accounting

Discover   Written by Paul MacNeill on Jun 8, 2015    

GPK Complete IT Solutions looked to move to the Cloud, but were concerned that the integration would not be able to meet their complete use of ConnectWise

GPK Complete IT Solutions looked at the possibility of moving to Xero, only to think that lack of native Inventory would hinder their ability to manage their financial accounting requirements as they continued their acquisition trail. It wasn't until QuickBooks fanboy (and Owner of GPK) Grant Klaaysen threwdown the challenge to Paul MacNeill (Founder of Wise-Sync) to put Wise-Sync through it's paces in a battle of the bestests. Grant quickly realised that not only would Xero meet the HTG reporting requirements of their several MSP Business Units, it would deliver (in spades) - greater levels of financial clarity - ease of preperation and automated debtor management never before possible through the QuickBooks native ConnectWise integration. Within two months GPK would make the transition to Xero and several other add-on's to deliver greater levels of reporting and debtor management; only ever dreamed of in the land of Slow Books and great pains. Wise-Sync and Xero Cloud Accounting not only made these dreams a reality, it took the 'Oh Crap' moment out of preparing their Quarterly Service-Leadership (SLI) Reporting.

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