DattoCon19: Meet Our MSPminds Panel

News   Written by Eve Zaidan on May 16, 2019    

In anticipation of our upcoming MSPminds event, a non-sales focussed and information-packed workshop for leaders of MSPs, we're thrilled to introduce our industry-renowned guest panel of speakers; ready to empower you with the practical tools and lessons learned from over 30 years of experience. 

Blog Meet Our MSPminds Panel

Here, get to know our MSPminds' speakers and brace yourself for an invaluable learning opportunity as we reveal the agenda: 



Todd Kane 

President, Evolved Management Consulting 

Todd Kane is an MSP consultant that helps MSP owners scale their business for more profit and less stress. Kane worked as VP of Operations for the award-winning MSP Fully Managed in Vancouver, Canada.

The organizations that Kane has led, have seen millions in higher margin projects/operations, millions in saved cash reducing employee turnover, and massive increases in team morale.

Now, Todd Kane joins us at MSPminds to share the following: 

  • How to Retain Staff and Build Accountability 
  • Learn How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Staff
  • Learn What Drives Employee Engagement

"Your staff are the lifeblood of your business. If they don't feel supported and valued, your culture will suffer and people will quit," says Kane. 


Paul MacNeill

Founder, Wise-Sync

Paul MacNeill is the founder and technical visionary behind Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, Cloud Accounting and Payment Integration for ConnectWise Manage. Paul is a world-renowned ConnectWise billing expert often called upon to work with larger, complex accounting structures.

Having built Virage IT, an MSP501 ranked MSP (#6 Small Business in 2015, #12 AANZ Region in 2016). MacNeill has a key understanding of the fundamentals that help drive profitability and financial success.

Now, Paul MacNeill steps out to host another successful MSPminds event, where he'll be presenting practical, cutting-edge insights surrounding: 

  • How to Expand the Value of Your MSP
  • How to Increase Your Valuation for Exit

In the final installment of this MSPminds workshop, MacNeill will host an exclusive partner panel providing attendees with the invaluable opportunity to ask our guest speakers questions. 



Jerry Koutavas

President, The ASCII Group 

Jerry Koutavas, President of The ASCII Group, is responsible for fostering business relationships and overseeing the development of benefits that directly enhance the value of the ASCII community and its MSP members.

A widely-recognized figure in the IT industry, Jerry has more than 25 years of experience in the Channel and was honored by ChannelPro in their 20/20 visionaries list as a Visionary Channel Leader.

At the end of 2018, ASCII surveyed over 360 MSP members on the sales strategies they use to close new business. Now, Jerry Koutavas joins us at MSPminds to share the following: 

  • Learn the Sales Tactics High Growth MSPs are Using to Close New Clients 
  • Discover Optimal Strategies for Both Referral and Non-Referral Business
  • A Breakdown of the Numbers on Sales Performance and What You Could Be Doing Differently to Close More Business


Daniel Williams 

CEO, PowerNet Group

Dan is the Melbourne based CEO of PowerNet IT Solutions, a national IT service provider that was established in Melbourne in 1994. As the CEO, Dan is responsible for leading the vision, direction and strategy at PowerNet.

With over 20 years IT industry experience, Dan is leadership focused and possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He's part of a team leading over 90 people in providing professional and managed services to the small to mid-market in Australia and New Zealand.

Now, Daniel Williams joins us at MSPminds to share the following: 

  • Discover the Foundations of Great Leadership and Great Management and the Difference Between the Two
  • How to Ensure Your MSP Has the Right People in the Right Seats and With These Tools -
  • Learn How to Attract and Retain Talent While Repelling People Who Aren't a Fit 
"Accountability is a by-product of great leadership and great management. So, lead, manage or get the f#ck out of the way," says Williams. 

If you haven't already registered for MSPminds, there's no time like the present! Pre-register or find out more here