CRN Impact Award Winners Announced - Congratulations Wise-Sync Partners

News   Written by Paul MacNeill on May 7, 2018    

This year's CRN Impact Awards winners were announced at the recent CRN Impact Awards Gala Dinner on the 6th of April, 2018.  We just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate our partners who made it as finalists and winners at this year's awards.

CRN impact awards 2018 Congrats Partners

Celebrating Wise-Sync Partners at the CRN Impact Awards 2018

On behalf of all of the Wise-Sync Team, a special congratulations to the following partners who successfully made it as winners and finalists at this year's CRN Impact Awards 2018.

Combo (VIC) - Winner of the 'Modernizing Infrastructure' category

Mangano IT Solutions (QLD) - Winner of the 'Working Together' category

Premier Technology Solutions (VIC) - Finalist in the 'Modernising Infrastructure' category

Calibre One (SA) - Finalist in the 'Network Evolution' category

For a complete list of winners at the CRN Impact Awards visit the CRN 

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