ConnectWise Customer Portal: Get Paid With Wise-Pay

Wise-Payers everywhere, access Wise-Pay in the Customer Portal from ConnectWise Manage, and seamlessly configure Wise-Pay as a payment provider - making it even easier for customers to pay you!

Get paid directly from the ConnectWise Customer Portal

All your customers need to do is simply click a Pay Now with Wise-Pay button from an outstanding invoice in the ConnectWise Customer Portal, and it's sorted; facilitating a secure online payment without needing to sign into Wise-Pay! It really is that easy to get paid on time, every time.

How to generate the Wise-Pay API key 

Wise-Pay securely integrates with the ConnectWise Customer Portal. An API key needs to be generated in Wise-Pay in your Merchant Account. Once generated, the API key is used to link your Wise-Pay account in the ConnectWise Customer Portal.

If you're already a Wise-Pay customer, setting up your 'Pay Now' button in Wise-Pay couldn't be easier. Simply follow the instructions in our KB article here: Wise-Pay Integration - ConnectWise Customer Portal.

About Wise-Pay 

Wise-Pay seamlessly couples with Wise-Sync for an entirely automated invoice lifecycle. From the moment an invoice is created to chasing payments, to finally reconciling the invoice, Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay unite to seamlessly provide a centralised solution that drastically saves you money, time, and energy.

Wise-Pay streamlines the management, collection, and reconciliation of credit card and direct debit request (ACH) payments, making it easier (than ever before) for you to get paid on time, every time.

Wise-Sync Enhancement Forum

Have your say on our new Enhancement Forum. Have an idea? Perhaps, a new feature you'd like to request? Upvote or track features in our ConnectWise Enhancement Forum here. For the Wise-Pay features you'd love to see, share your thoughts here. We look forward to hearing your feedback!