Spencer IT Bookkeeper Utilizes Recovered Time to Embrace Web Design

Transitioning from "a very sloppy competitor" to now, a highly regarded solution stack, fast became the catalyst for Spencer IT's remarkable growth - 

In just a short period of time, not only would this SMB reclaim significant resources, but such time-savings would also lead to exciting new opportunities for expansion and development.  

Jenna, Accounts Administrator, would soon find herself liberated from the chains of tedious administrative work attached to a role she's held for almost five years. 

Instead, Jenna would be free to embark on a six-month adventure in web design; extending her role as an invaluable asset in Spencer IT's pursuit to enhance their online presence.

With its headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of Auckland, New Zealand, Spencer IT has diligently served small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for over 15 years
While cloud accounting with Xero, Spencer IT made the move to ConnectWise PSA. With these systems now in place, Spencer IT searched for an all-encompassing solution that could (finally) interconnect their systems and deliver the greater overall efficiency they eagerly longed for - 
Unbeknownst to Spencer IT at that time, their decision to opt for a competitor based solely on a price comparison would prove to be a costly mistake. What initially seemed like a cost-efficient choice soon turned into a nightmare expending time, money, and resources, with Spencer IT fast realizing the repercussions of their ill-fated decision.


We'd only been using [a competitor] for two months, and quickly realized, they were still trying to figure out how it all worked themselves! It was a nightmare. 

After two months of "trying to operate" with this product and finding "there was always an issue," especially when it came to end of month, the team had inevitably reached their breaking point. 

"Nothing seemed to be working, and there was always a new problem. We would either get a double up of invoices or only a handful of invoices that synced across clearly. We just wanted it all to work, and to be in Xero as clear as day but we basically had a hold-up on waiting for [said competitor] to sort out the problem," says Jenna. 

And as divine timing would have it, Spencer IT would not waste any more time; they would now make the move to Wise-Sync and WisePay without delay. 


It was painful. It was the first day of a new month, and we were at the point of 'enough is enough.' We actually received a call at the perfect time from your Global Sales Lead - 

We jumped on the call, discussed what we were faced with, and the Payments team had us all set up and running - 

Within that same day, we were rid of this nightmare and these headaches, and everything was finally working.

It's been fantastic. 

Prior to the implementation of Wise-Sync and WisePay, Jenna would run everything out of Xero; an inefficient and timely process that cost Jenna up to a staggering five hours per week to process a total of roughly 250 invoices each month - 

Now, Jenna describes this process as "straightforward, very quick, and easy," with agreements processed within just half an hour each week. 

"We're on auto-sync now for the client invoices that we send out and they automatically sync to Xero - it's just so straightforward to use." 

In the unlikely event that an issue arises with Wise-Sync and/or WisePay, Jenna feels she's successfully attended to in a timely manner. 

"Whenever I email the Support team at WisePay, they're very quick to come back and have it all sorted. You've always got someone there that has all the answers (especially if you can't already find what you're looking for via the 'Help' menu)," says Jenna. 


The WisePay side of things is really great; we have our client agreements that are easily updated, and even with additional products each month, we don't have to change the direct debit side of things - it's all automated. 

It's super easy, really straightforward, very simple, and easy to use -

It's a great setup as well. 

The implementation of this solution stack has allowed Jenna to break free from her routine administrative work and instead, explore her newfound passion for web design. 

With just 30 minutes of her week dedicated to Accounts admin, Jenna has since underwent an invigorating and transformative 12-week part-time course in web design.

This exciting journey has not only equipped Jenna with an invaluable new skillset, but has also empowered her to breathe fresh life into Spencer IT's website; a responsibility Jenna continues to upkeep in revitalizing the company's online presence and subsequently, expand their customer base. 


The cost factor, when you have a product that works every time, is well worth it. And in regard to the bookkeeping side of things, it just simplifies it.

There's still a role there but it frees up a lot of time -

Time, to basically manage that other side of the business that requires your attention. 

"A lot of our clients ask if we do websites, so that was just another reason for me to get set up and to try that side of things, which is completely new to me," says Jenna, who now relishes her liberated time to pursue her newfound creative passion while simply balancing her crucial responsibilities in accounting and finance.

On what the future holds, Jenna looks to build her knowledge and experience in web design. 


The way for me to move forward, would most likely be to build more websites.

I'd like to become more comfortable in this field as there's so much to learn and to do - web design is huge, there's so much to it!

Looking back, it is clear that the decision to switch to a more efficient solution stack not only saved Spencer IT countless hours of manual labor but also unlocked a world of possibilities for their team members. Jenna's transformation from a tired and overworked Accounts Administrator to a skilled web designer exemplifies the power of investing in employee growth and development - 

Jenna's incredible journey into web design stands as a powerful testament to the life-changing impact of embracing automation in fostering personal and professional growth.

If you're ready to put your manual accounting tasks on autopilot and take back control of your finances, Wise-Sync's here to make it happen: Get in touch with our friendly team today or book a demo to see how it all works