Wise-Pay "Best Practices" Webinar - Prepayments 15 Sept 2017 - Recap

Product   Written by Paul MacNeill on Sep 15, 2017    

In the webinar, Master Ninja Paul & Bec highlighted the best practices for receiving and managing your Wise-Pay Prepayments.

If you've missed the full session or would like to watch the webinar again, you can view the recording of the session by clicking on the video.

WP Best Practices PrePayments Screenshot.jpg

Here's what we covered:

  • Wise-Pay Pre-Payments
  • How Prepayments ensure you get paid
  • Managing the Prepayment account
  • Wise-Pay Integrations with Sell, QuoteWerks and iSell
  • Pre-Payment Settlement Deposit Grouping (IntegraPay

You can also access the below resources and webinar recording by clicking here.

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