#BECIO Award Winner: May 2022

Wise-Sync presents the #BECIO award in special recognition of our dedicated and hard-working ninjas who simultaneously live and breathe our core values each day. Without them, we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do! So, without further ado, *drum roll, please,* this month's award goes to... 

It's a tie! Congratulations, PH and Jennilyn! 

In May, we recognised both Paul Huynh (PH), our Customer Success Lead, and Jennilyn, our Product Support Associate, with the #BECIO award as equally nominated by their peers. Here's what the team had to say... 

#BECIO Award Winners - Template

In-Sync with Paul Huynh: Leading the Dream Team


Q: Congrats, PH! You've been recognised as both an outstanding leader and teammate, what does being a true leader mean to you?

PH: Being a true leader isn't about just managing a team. To me, it means helping the team to reach their full potential. Jumping in and helping with calls, tickets, or anything else that they need help with - all so they can shine like the superstars they already are! 

Being recognised for the BECIO award really isn't about me, it shows the effort and drive the CS team has put in over the last couple of months. Without the team bringing it each and every day, I wouldn't have been recognised for this award - 

If this were a team sport, we'd definitely win the championship ring! We all persevere and help each other out, there's really nothing more that I could ask from the team.

In-Sync with Jennilyn Cuyo: Support With A Shine


Congrats, Jennilyn! Jennilyn's "a true ninja," who always puts the team's needs first, and our customers couldn't agree more! 

"#Believe - A true ninja! Jennilyn's passion always shines through when helping our customers and the team wherever needed (#Engage). 

She's always helping the PAs with new processes and procedures (#Collaborate); whenever someone needs help, she's the first one there (#Innovate)! Jennilyn is always thinking about the next steps, not only to help herself, but for how to make the team better (#OwnIt).

As the great Robert Choynowski (Seaglass Technology) once said "Jennilyn is a rock star! We just hung up. I feel confident in doing our billing now from CW.' *Mic Drop*"

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