#BECIO Award Winner: April 2022

Wise-Sync presents the #BECIO award in special recognition of our dedicated and hard-working ninjas who simultaneously live and breathe our core values each day. Without them, we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do! So, without further ado, *drum roll, please,* this month's award goes to... 

It's a tie! Congratulations, Eve and Jess! 

In April, we recognised both Eve, our Content Manager, and Jess, our Product Associate (Testing), with the #BECIO award as equally nominated by their peers. Here's what the team had to say... 

#BECIO Award Winners - Template

In-Sync with Eve Zaidan: You Best BeliEVE It... 


Q: Congrats, Eve! You're quite the beliEVEr (sorry, it's caught on now)! What does #BECIO mean to you? 

Eve: If you don't love what you do, is it really worth the work? Well, for me, passion is at the core of our values - it's what keeps me working late and gets me up early. I live to create and innovate, while collaborating and engaging is integral to really understanding the needs of our team, company, and of course, our customers, who are at the heart of everything we do. I particularly value my role at Wise-Sync on the marketing team because I have the opportunity to ideate and create, to listen to the needs of our audience; to communicate how our solution can help those MSPs who need it, and of course, my favourite part - to share the wonderful success stories of those business owners I have the privilege of interviewing. 

I have a purpose in our company, along with each and every other ninja, and that's incredibly rare; to feel that every bit of work you do is contributing to making a major impact in the lives of the businesses we work with each day. It's knowing that your contribution is more than just a 9-5; it's part of getting closer to a stronger future through creating the very awareness of the driving innovation that is Wise-Sync; in empowering businesses with the greater financial efficiency the need - and that, is what makes it worthwhile.

Having the #BECIO values firmly in-mind, reminds me of the 'WHY' behind what we do, and just how important it is to be there for team; to be reliable, approachable, and supportive at all times. And that part couldn't be thanks to the amazing team that I get to work alongside each day, where everyone strives to just get s&*t done and #Ownit!

In-Sync with Jessica Blyth: Mr. Miyagi Would Be Proud... 

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Q: Congrats, Jess! You work tirelessly behind the scenes, and are always there if anyone needs you (like "a true NINJA" indeed), what's your driving motivation behind such commitment each day? 

Jess: I genuinely love my job. Solving puzzles each and every day is what I love most about my job. I love a good challenge that I can sink my teeth into, that won't only get me up in the morning, but will keep me engaged well into the night as well.

I love the challenge of looking at a product from different angles, with different perspectives, and testing it with different expectations. I love to learn. Testing for me is learning; I’m presented with systems, software, people, problems, and much more, and I love to learn about them. I thrive on thinking about the what ifs - 

Formulating questions, answering them, and creating ten more. I love sharing my learnings with the team and confirming assumptions, while also surprising them with odd or broken behaviour. No two days are ever the same, and there’s always something new to learn or share. I love helping others. Finding innovative ways of approaching a problem or helping the team solve an issue is a driving motivation for me.

I also enjoy working on troubleshooting complex issues that require in-depth investigation. And finally, I enjoy sharing my product knowledge with other co-workers - I'm always open to jump on a zoom! 

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