Wise-Sync Announced Finalist for the 2019 CRN Impact Awards

News   Written by Eve Zaidan on Apr 23, 2019    

The wait is finally over! CRN reveals the finalists for the 2019 CRN Impact Awards and we are thrilled to announce that Wise-Sync is today a contender for the Exporting Innovation category.

Now a two-time contender for Exporting Innovation (Finalist - 2018), Wise-Sync is once again recognised for its cutting-edge solutions Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay.

The CRN Impact Awards are a celebration of Australia's very own tech innovators addressing the gaps and in turn, making an industry change in the lives of their consumers. 

Exporting Innovation, in particular, is a category especially dedicated to the 'Australian firms that have developed their own intellectual property, successfully commercialised it and are winning export sales as a result', whereby our two products 'Wise-Sync' and 'Wise-Pay' are both recognised for generating "strong overseas sales, with MSPs everywhere appreciating the way the products streamline their business."

"MSPs everywhere appreciate their products..."

Our seamless solutions solve the everyday challenges that every MSP is faced with: tiresome manual invoice management, increased administration and finance costs, poor quality data, delayed payments and of course, being without a platform capable of integrating into the life cycle of an MSP. 

"Before moving to Wise-Sync, we suffered from invalid data transferred to accounting, painful procurement, information double entry and inventory management nightmares. Wise-Sync helped us onboard to Xero, have up-to-the-minute financial visibility and better access to cashflow."

- Dan Edwards, CEO, Pact-One Solutions

Wise-Sync provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across the globe with the unrivalled and stress-free solutions they need to streamline their business. 

"Wise-Sync helped us have up-to-the-minute financial visibility and better access to cashflow." 

With worry-free billing, automated invoice management and balanced books, Wise-Sync enables MSPs to revel in the greater financial visibility and improved cashflow they desire. 

The 2019 CRN Impact Awards' winners will be announced on Thursday, 23 May at the CRN Pipeline conference in Sydney, subscribe below to stay tuned for more updates. 

Fingers crossed!