Compound Your Business Value When You Automate MSP Cloud Accounting with Datto Autotask

Business owners operating Managed Service Providers (MSPs) gain a powerful advantage in building a premium business valuation when they sync Xero and QuickBooks Online to the cloud in Datto Autotask. Wise-Sync provides the critical integration tools for your business to automate invoicing, process more automatic payments and accept credit cards as a method of payment.

Compounding Value with Recurring Revenue

As you most probably know, the ultimate value of your business depends on the consistency of how much revenue is recurring each month. When invoices are not paid on time, it becomes incredibly difficult to manage revenue forecasts, which can jeopardise the vital execution of strategic plans. 

Wise-Sync enables integration of Xero and Quickbooks Online to the cloud in Datto Autotask, in order to ensure invoice batching, payment processing and accepting credit card payments is done simultaneously. When monthly recurring revenue is more predictable, you're empowered with greater certainty about the future value of your MSP business.

Achieving Higher Life Time Customer Value

Operating a Managed Services' business requires a special focus on continually growing revenue by way of increasing the lifespan of each customer. Calculating the lifetime value of a customer is an important metric in creating value for shareholders and potential acquirers. 

When you connect your accounting to the cloud with Datto Autotask, you assure greater efficiency for your accounts receivable team when syncing invoices in volume batches and collecting payments automatically. In turn, this provides far greater visibility, especially regarding the long-term value of a customer. 

Reduce Customer Churn Risk

Unfortunately, all businesses suffer from losing customers regardless of how good the product or service is. Being able to effectively manage a potential customer churn proves a significant benefit achieved by simply automating your customer billing and invoicing processes.

Connecting Xero and Quickbooks Online to the cloud in Datto Autotask PSA offers unrivalled transparency. By doing so, you'll be able to see exactly which customers are delaying payment; a leading indicator of which customers are more likely to churn. Wise-Sync offers various payment plans based on the volume of invoices processed each month.

Why Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Matters

Many recurring revenue businesses who invoice customers on a monthly basis, are better able to confidentially forecast revenues and manage costs to run a profitable business. A general rule of thumb is to ensure the lifetime value of a customer is 3 times their acquisition cost. 
To better understand the cost of acquiring a customer, having a real-time MSP cloud accounting system is mandatory. Wise Sync's mission is to help your business reduce costs by automating payment processing in Datto Autotask PSA, so we can grow the overall value of your business.

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