Wise-Sync was born of the need for a more detailed integration between ConnectWise and Xero. In 2012 when founder Paul MacNeill executed on his need for a more detailed integration, he took the lessons he had learned from syncing with MYOB to extend the integration to become one of highest rated integrations on the ConnectWise Marketplace. Wise-Sync had one aim, and that was to be the most robust integration to sync accounting data from ConnectWise to the Cloud. 
While running an MSP, Virage IT, simultaenously, Paul MacNeill and team realised that they needed a better way of getting paid and reducing their 48 days in receivables. It was during this state that they had experienced a “Eureka!” moment and decided to change their focus to processing more automatic payments and accepting credit cards as a method of payment - they saw their DSO drop from 48 days to 2 days. This improved their cash flow drastically - receiving 90% of revenue on the 1st of every month and this was before the efficiencies of Wise-Pay.
Wise-Pay has been a defining platform for our business not just in terms of cash flow but also by simplifying our payment processes which could be the same for you and your MSP.